Our Instructors

At Brighton Karate we have professional and friendly black belt instructors committed to helping students get the most out of karate. Our instructors are qualified under the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association, and they hold an accredited First Aid Certificate, and a Working with Children Certificate.

Ruben Rubio
Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)

Ruben Rubio

Senpai Ruben is a passionate strong fighter karateka who enjoys sparring.

He joined karate in 2013 by coincidence. He was looking for a gym, and he came across Hanshi John Taylor's dojo when he heard loud "kiais". He thought that sounded like much more fun than lifting weights at a gym, and so he has been training since then.

Ruben has competed and won several State and Interstate heavyweight tournaments, and represented Australia in International events like the First Asian Pacific Championship, and the 5th World Cup Tournament in China.

When he is not working, or teaching karate, you can find him gliding the skies of Adelaide as a member of the Gawler Soaring Club.

Pamelia Tungkasiri
Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)

Senpai Pamelia

Senpai Pamelia began her karate journey in 2013 under the instruction of Hanshi John Taylor (chairman of the South Pacific Kyokushin Karate Organization).

Pamelia has competed in multiple Non-Contact, Kata, and Full Contact events placing in several of them. She was also selected to represent Australia at international competitions such as the Asian Pacific Championship, and the 5th World Cup Tournament in China.

She is constantly striving for perfection in her training, improving herself both physically and mentally. In her free time, she also enjoys long walks at the beach and passing time with her cats.